Stuffed to the gills

Money has been called the mother's milk of politics because financial resources nurture and cause political movements to grow. Well, the shocking reality is that anti-faith and anti-family groups are STUFFED TO THE GILLS with money right now!

The anti-faith Left is already funneling their massive resources to suppress the votes of Christian and conservative voters in the 2018 Midterm Elections. Our counter offensive is to rally a grassroots army of hundreds of thousands of pro-faith, pro-family, pro-liberty, and pro-life citizens to get to the polls in our "Get Out The Vote" initiative.

If you share my belief that Christians have a right to speak out during the elections, click here to say, YES, Mat, I declare my intention to make my voice heard, to vote, and to rally others around me to vote! Silence is not an option!
See my important message below – Mat.

The ACLU dropped $1 million on a shocking last-minute campaign attacking Brett Kavanaugh. But that's a drop in the bucket compared to what we expect from the ACLU in the coming weeks.
That's because the ACLU has received a windfall of tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars specifically to oppose President Trump and his pro-life, pro-family, pro-liberty agenda.
For example, in just the weekend after the President's inauguration, the ACLU received SIX TIMES its yearly donation average! We fully expect they will pour millions into next month's elections. As the ACLU's national political director said, "People have funded us and I think they expect a return."
And then there's George Soros -- whose funding was behind the staged protests in opposition to Justice Kavanaugh. Soros recently dispatched his BILLIONS into Leftist activism work, which is funneled and dispersed through entities that are directly impacting our national politics.
So here's where we stand today, just a few weeks prior to the election...
Anti-faith, anti-family groups are highly energized and are using the Kavanaugh fight to motivate their troops. George Soros, the ACLU and others have MILLIONS at their disposal that they are pouring into this fight.
And we know one of the key lynchpins of their strategy is to SILENCE THE VOICE OF PEOPLE OF FAITH through bullying and intimidation.

Liberty Counsel Action is confronting the full-court press from the left.

First, we just finalized the distribution of our "Silence Is Not An Option" resource packs directly to churches in key election districts. This vital collection features a DVD along with our exclusive Patriot's Handbook of Political Action for Pastors and Churches. This resource counters the efforts of those who want to silence our pastors and churches during the midterm elections.
In addition, we are launching a nationwide "get out the vote" campaign to rally hundreds of thousands of citizens through our grassroots network. This campaign will help mobilize the very voters who, as in 2016, will likely decide the outcome of these crucial midterm elections. Your commitment to vote and to help rally others to vote is vital to this initiative.
And, we are doubling down on our efforts from our office in the nation's capital to ensure that the truth comes forth on the issues impacting our faith and our families. That effort is "mission priority number one."
I am convinced that the next 3 weeks are absolutely critical. This midterm election is the most important in recent memory. If a "blue wave" sweeps across the nation, the President's pro-faith and pro-family agenda will be defeated.
Again, THANK YOU for all you are doing to stand for liberty in our land. Because of friends like you, Liberty Counsel Action has grown to become one of the strongest voices for faith and family in our nation's capital and across the country.
God bless you, and God bless America!
Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action
P.S. The Kavanaugh fight has emboldened anti-faith groups who are being funded by MILLIONS from the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, George Soros and others. Help me fight back by reaching out to hundreds of thousands of pro-faith citizens prior to November 6.