Stop Mueller "Witch Hunt"

The overreaching special investigation headed up by Robert Mueller against the President has gone too far!

  National "Stop Mueller" Petition...

Liberty Counsel Action is launching a powerful national "Stop Mueller" petition, calling on Congress to take immediate action to bring a swift conclusion to this out-of-control attack on the institution of the presidency. We want to deliver 50,000 petitions to House and Senate leaders demanding immediate action as soon as possible. Please complete the form below to sign...

The Mueller Witch Hunt against President Trump has one goal: the destruction of Donald Trump's presidency! We must demand that Congress put an end to this outrageous abuse of power. Please sign today!

The "Stop Mueller" petition states:

The Robert Mueller special counsel investigation has far exceeded its jurisdiction and it is time for Congress, the Justice Department, or the President himself to take action to Stop Mueller. The Mueller investigation is nothing more than a Witch Hunt that threatens the institution of the presidency and the rule of law in America. It's time to Stop Mueller!

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