Mr. President, Stay the Course!

I agree the Left has made it "OPEN SEASON" on President Trump!

I am adding my name to this important affirmation of President Donald Trump and his pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-life agenda…

The "Stay the Course" Statement of Support Declares:

Mr. President, I understand that you and your administration are entering into the most challenging time of your presidency as your opponents declare “open season” on you and your agenda. That’s why I’m signing this important STAY THE COURSE document, urging you to continue your pro-America, pro-faith, and pro-family agenda! 

Thank you for your forthright stand for the Constitution and our shared values of faith, family, and life no matter how vicious the attacks on your administration become. Please remain faithful to your campaign promises, knowing that you have the support of tens of millions of Americans like me who are resolutely committed to the values that underlie your presidential agenda. God bless you!

6,809 signatures

Will you sign?