Stay the Course

The Mid-Term Elections marked the beginning of what will undoubtedly be two more years of OPEN SEASON on President Trump and his agenda.

Even though the so-called "blue wave" never materialized, with "Speaker Pelosi" set to control the House, the political landscape has shifted and the attacks will increase dramatically.
Socialist politicians, the fake media, and resistance anarchists will unleash the most vicious and far-reaching attacks on this President we have yet seen. We saw how they lied to destroy Justice Kavanaugh. With 2020 as their motivation, the attacks will become more intense.
They are going to do everything in their power to BULLY President Trump with threats and attacks designed to cause him to shrink back from his pro-family and pro-America agenda.
That's why I'm calling on every Liberty Counsel Action team member to sign our "PRESIDENT TRUMP, STAY THE COURSE" STATEMENT OF SUPPORT.
The fact is, President Trump has done more in two years to defend our faith, families, stand for the unborn, and protect our nation and Israel than any president in recent history!
Let's be clear...

The unprecedented anger and hostility that is being directed at President Trump has everything to do with the conservative, pro-faith, pro-family direction he is taking the country. Each of these actions -- and dozens more -- have ANGERED and OUTRAGED his adversaries, to say the least!
Now, they are on a two-year crusade to destroy his presidency and ensure that he cannot be re-elected.

In the short run, we will utilize our contacts and connections within the Trump Administration to have your STAY THE COURSE statement of support delivered directly to the White House.
These are critical times. The attacks against President Trump have been outrageous and are now intolerable!
Click here to add your name to our STAY THE COURSE Statement of Support.
Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action
P.S. With the House of Representatives now flipped and "Speaker Pelosi" set to unleash her agenda, President Trump is about to face the worst attacks of his presidency. That's why I am asking you to join with thousands of Liberty Counsel Action team members in signing the  STAY THE COURSE document urging the President to stand strong for faith, family, life and liberty!