Lies and lawlessness aimed at Kavanaugh

At the top of the Senate Judiciary Committee's calendar tomorrow is the vote on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court Justice. Committee Democrats are expected to request a one-week delay in order to further perpetuate their smear campaign of this highly qualified nominee. 

We cannot overlook the possibility that the vote will happen. That's why I'm calling for another round of pro-Kavanaugh messages to be sent to the Senate over the next 24 hours -- ahead of a potential committee vote tomorrow. 

We must make make our voices heard loud, clear, and often in the halls of Congress on this crucially important issue. Please go here now to join this important Fax Barrage campaign supporting the Kavanaugh confirmation...

+ + Leftists use lies and lawlessness against Kavanaugh

LIES: Senator Kamala Harris and Leftwing group Think Progress have both been called out by news outlets and social media giants for advancing a confirmed misrepresentation regarding Judge Kavanaugh's prior statements on abortion. Facebook posted a fact-checking statement on Think Progress' page citing their false claim. 
LAWLESSNESS: And, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, "A crowdfunding website is trying to strong-arm Senator Susan Collins, the Republican from Maine, by giving more than $1 million to her 2020 opponent – unless she opposes Judge Kavanaugh."  
In response, Sen. Collins said that two attorneys told her "they think the act is a clear violation of the federal law on bribery." Another called it "extortion."


The act of offering anything of value to a government official in exchange for a vote or action is clearly against federal law.

This is how far the Left has gone to defeat Judge Kavanaugh – and why we must be relentless in our own efforts to see this confirmation through
I am calling on friends of Liberty Counsel Action to barrage the halls of Congress with powerful fax messages to lawmakers over the next 24 hours. One click here and you'll have everything you need to send a pre-written or self-composed message to selected members of the Senate
Confirm Kavanaugh

It is sad to see the open insurgence of Democratic elected leaders, radical organizations, and individuals that openly disregard the law in their attempted destruction of Judge Kavanaugh.

On a positive note: So, far friends of Liberty Counsel Action have barraged the Halls of Congress with over 10,000 faxed messages!  Thank you! We know that our team's engagement makes a real difference.  

If you haven't already, please join us in voicing a loud and prolonged pro-Kavanaugh message. Click here to send an immediate message to Capitol Hill in support of Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Thank you to all of you who have taken action and to those who will engage today! 

God bless you,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action