More Attacks Unleashed

Yet another liberal group -- this one called "Demand Justice" -- is unleashing a massive, six-figure ad campaign to defeat President Trump's nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. 

This is in addition to Planned Parenthood unloading its warchest in the coming days in what one report called "political trench warfare."

With the Senate back in session, I want to gather THOUSANDS of petitions from citizens across the country as soon as possiblePlease go here now to sign with ONE CLICK our CONFIRM KAVANAUGH petition, and see below for my update on Planned Parenthood's "warfare."


REPORT: Planned Parenthood Unleashing "Trench Warfare"

We are now less than THREE WEEKS from the start of the confirmation hearings for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

And I am deeply concerned that the perception on Capitol Hill is that all the grassroots pressure is coming from the anti-Trump, anti-Kavanaugh crowd -- funded by massive campaigns from the Big Left.

+ + Planned Parenthood launches "political trench warfare"

For example, Planned Parenthood is unleashing what The Guardian is calling "nothing short of political trench warfare" as part of a massive campaign to defeat Kavanaugh. Planned Parenthood organizers hosted a comprehensive training session for 2,000 activists that it called the “biggest, baddest, raddest grassroots training ever."

In all, we expect Planned Parenthood and its allies to spend several MILLION dollars to defeat Kavanaugh -- and the key actions will take place in the next three weeks. We can't compete with their flood of BIG ABORTION funds, but we do have a strategy that starts with you!

+ + CRITICAL ACTION TODAY -- Sign our petition!

Our Liberty Counsel Action team is gearing up for this showdown. We are launching our Supreme Court Liberty campaign to reach at least 1 million citizens with this critical message calling for the swift confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. The first, vital step is our CONFIRM KAVANAUGH petition.

If you agree that Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed as soon as possible, please go here to sign our "Confirm Judge Kavanaugh Now" petition WITH ONE CLICK that will be delivered to key members of the Senate as soon as we have 25,000 signers.


+ + Abortion is their battleground...

The war against Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation is not based on his qualifications, but on his perceived threat to their far-Left ideologies, including the maniacal, unjustified protection of Roe v. Wade. In fact, Planned Parenthood leaders have not hidden the fact that their strategy hinges on fear mongering over the abortion issue. They are making abortion the key issue in this confirmation process! As The Guardian reported:

"[Planned Parenthood's] plan is to pressure red-state Democrats like senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia who are still undecided on Kavanaugh and moderate Republicans like Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, who have said they support abortion access." 

That's why this petition is so vital...

Please take a moment now and sign our "Confirm Judge Kavanaugh Now!" petition!

Thank you for taking action with us!

God bless you,

Mat Staver, President