PPH's six-figure campaign against Kavanaugh

Planned Parenthood Action Fund has announced a six-figure national ad campaign to defeat Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court. They have partnered with several other "progressive" groups to protect their abortion business and the so-called reproductive rights of women. They say they will not be deterred in" taking down Kavanaugh."

As reported by TheHill.com:

In addition to Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Stand Up America, Advocates for Youth, Center for American Progress and National Women's Law Center are taking part in the campaign to shift the conversation around Kavanaugh from political to personal.

+ + Making their message emotionally charged...

Planned Parenthood's ad campaigns will focus on testimonies of "patient voices," women who had abortions before Roe v. Wade. And they'll encourage personal testimonies to be recorded on a dedicated website.

This is the same Planned Parenthood that urged women to start bragging about their abortions in order to deflate the Trump administration's pro-life movement.

Last December, former CEO Cecile Richards said "[F]or years women have been ashamed of sharing their own stories, including about abortion, abortion stories, and it is only now that women are sharing them on social media and that they're being covered in the news as actually part of women's healthcare."

WHAT PLANNED PARENTHOOD WILL NEVER REVEAL TO YOU are the testimonies of women who were emotionally traumatized following an abortion.

A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry shows that women who have an abortion face an increased risk for mental health problems, including substance abuse, anxiety and depression.

Another study which analyzed the deaths of 620,000 women age 15-49, found that women who chose abortion had a six times higher suicide rate, four times higher accident rate, and ten times higher homicide rate than women who chose to deliver.

There are two victims of every abortion! Abortion not only kills innocent children, but it leaves emotional scars on mothers which increases their risk of mental health problems and even death. We cannot escape the consequences of this human genocide.

+ + We must respond with counter-pressure on lawmakers NOW!

Planned Parenthood's anti-Kavanaugh campaign is a nationwide "massive offensive" that includes over 100 actions this week, rallying for pro-abortion candidates, engaging lawmakers, publishing newspaper ads in strategic areas, and faxing Capitol Hill offices. 

Liberty Counsel Action has set up our Fax Barrage system to deliver your "CONFIRM KAVANAUGH NOW" faxes directly to your two senators, and key leaders in the Senate. Additional options are available

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Confirm Kavanaugh

The liberal war against Judge Kavanugh's confirmation is not based on his qualifications, but on his perceived threat to their far-Left ideologies, including the maniacal, unjustified protection of Roe v. Wade.

Judge Kavanaugh has been presented to the American people with impeccable academic credentials and expansive professional experience. He exhibits the kind of judicial philosophy that every judge should embrace.

If you haven't already done so, please help intensify Liberty Counsel Action's call to "Confirm Judge Kavanaugh Now!" with a vital message to lawmakers today!

Thank you for taking action with us!

God bless you,

Mat Staver, President

P.S. Planned Parenthood is using extreme scare tactics to rally their pro-abortion base and to intimidate lawmakers in order to defeat a highly qualified candidate to the U.S. Supreme Court. Their efforts will only intensify over the coming days and weeks leading up to and during the Senate's confirmation process.

I hope you'll join us in voicing a loud and prolonged pro-Kavanaugh message.
Today, please consider sending an immediate and strong message to your two senators along with every GOP member of the Senate: Confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court! Everything you need is one click way.