How the Swamp is Striking Back

It is now clear that the D.C. Swamp is determined to strike back against any and every foe that dares to threaten its bureaucratic monopoly on power and federal money.

This is precisely what's happening right now with the bogus "Russia collusion" investigation which more and more appears to simply be Team Obama's "Plan B" in the unlikely event that President Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

+ + Plan A (protect Hillary) and Plan B (destroy Trump)

Team Obama's "Plan A" was to exonerate and protect Hillary Clinton from any accountability of what some say are more than a dozen possible serious crimes. This week's breaking news confirms this. Inspector General Michael Horowitz' forthcoming report cites apparent high-level corruption, insubordination, and dereliction of duty at the Obama Department of Justice regarding the so-called "investigation" into the Clinton email scandal. 

The findings reportedly highlight an "insubordinate" James Comey and subversive actions by Obama FBI Director Andrew McCabe, while heavily criticizing AG Lynch's handling of the Clinton investigation. All this was Plan A — to protect future President Hillary.

But IF the impossible happened and Trump won, "Plan B" of destroying the new president would go into effect, launched by Team Obama but executed by the Swamp. This is what FBI agent Peter Strzok called the "insurance policy" that has led to the endless bogus Russia "collusion" investigation.

+ + The Swamp is striking back!

The fact is, the D.C. Swamp is in full attack mode and is striking back at any and every foe. The targeted attacks we experienced under the Obama regime have simply morphed into the Deep State attacks being engineered by rogue bureaucrats determined to keep the Obama agenda alive.

Why is the Swamp striking back? Because these radical elements feel emboldened to oppose President Trump and anyone who dares to align with his pro-faith and pro-family agenda. This is how they want to destroy this President. And this is why my team is being dragged into legal battles by radical groups who are trying to use subpoena power in unprecedented ways to silence our voice!

+ + Help me fight back at the epicenter of the Swamp...

That's why I'm working on a plan that will greatly expand the influence and impact of Liberty Counsel Action RIGHT IN OUR NATION'S CAPITOL.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime BREAKTHROUGH that could greatly accelerate Liberty Counsel Action's work in our nation's capital. Details are coming soon. And it comes at a time when doors of influence are opening to us directly to the key movers and shakers in the Trump administration!

But to get to this breakthrough point, I must overcome our current budget shortfall. Specifically, Liberty Counsel Action entered this month facing a $30,000 shortfall that must be met by the end of the month — the end of our fiscal year!

I pray that we can make up at least HALF that amount over the next several days! 

Will you help me FIGHT BACK IN D.C. by making a special gift to help meet our fiscal year end shortfall and lay the groundwork for what I believe will be a historic breakthrough of faith and family? Go here to make your gift:

Please... prayerfully consider how you can stand with Liberty Counsel Action at this time. The Swamp is striking back. We must push back even harder right now!

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  • Kathleen Serra
    commented 2018-07-23 13:20:10 -0400
    Democrats have become progressive leftists which are essentially communists and globalists of the worst kind! They are violent, they formed ISIS, ANTIFA, ad BLM!! The are dangerous to our country! They are anarchists, fascists, and want to see us all enslaved! The DEEP State is NOT good for America or Americans! Democrats only work for illegal immigrants for cheaper labor to take jobs away from natural born citizens and to make us pay for every thing anyone would ever need or want, like housing, food, clothing, health care, dental care, college educations-things we as Americans can’t even afford for our own families!!!!! ENOUGH!!!