Help Liberty Counsel Action Stay The Course

The 2018 Midterm Election has given license to the Democrat-led House of Representatives to pursue their Leftist agenda, issue subpoenas, investigate the Trump administration, and end Republican-led initiatives. "Speaker Pelosi" is set to unleash her agenda and President Trump is about to face the worst attacks of his presidency.

Yet, our pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-liberty measures must continue to define the legislative course under President Trump.

For our part, Liberty Counsel Action is greatly expanding our presence and impact in the nation’s capital! We are doubling our D.C. staff to increase our lobbying and influence on legislation. At the same time, we are intensifying our prayer efforts and spiritual outreach on Capitol Hill.

Through our Washington, DC, office and a healthy friendship with the Trump administration, we have unprecedented opportunities to influence public policy. In spite of losses in the House, we will use every opportunity afforded to us to move Washington and our nation's judiciary in the right direction.

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