Help Liberty Counsel Action reach Christian voters in the final push to the historic 2018 Midterm Elections

The battle for the midterm elections could not be more important! Please help Liberty Counsel Action stop the blatant efforts to silence and suppress the voices of Christian voters.

Liberty Counsel Action is working to inform and equip hundreds of thousands of pro-faith voters -- bypassing the liberal media and radical activist groups that want to silence our voice and suppress our vote.

We urgently need your help to fight efforts to suppress pro-faith voters while we work to ensure that Christian citizens are educated, motivated and equipped for this battle. Please send your best possible gift today!

Who's donating

Dr M N McFie
Kiven Waid
Mark Lansing
Christopher Banach
Yesmin Wilson
Linda Payne
Carole Woiwode
Helen Kaufman
Cynthia Anderson
Marie Winker
James A. Acree
William Gunnell
Peggy Burkett
Elaine Hughes
Sally Mickley
Helen Hebert
Curtis Love
Paul Klawitter
Perfecto Fernandez
Willard Hall
nancy sweatt
Douglas Wettstein
Virginia McCallon
Charles Motsett
jim lester
Bradley Carpenter
Chris McGreer
Joy Geiger