Controversy: Acting AG touts "biblical values"

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel Action

Democrats are challenging the constitutionality of President Trump's appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General. But it may be Whitaker's "biblical worldview" that they find most offensive. See below — Mat. 
President Trump and his Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, are under fire from Leftists who contend that, constitutionally, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be the successor to fill the vacancy created by former AG Jeff Sessions.

While the Constitution is clear that cabinet level appointments are to be made with "the advice and consent" of the Senate, there are separate guidelines regarding senior level "vacancy" appointments under the Federal Reform Vacancy Act of 1998.

What remains clear is that Democrats want Acting AG Whitaker to recuse himself from oversight of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, as Jeff Sessions did. Whitaker has openly criticized the scope of the Mueller investigations. Rod Rosenstein continues to embolden the Mueller investigations by authorizing wide-ranging authority.

+ + Intense controversy simmering below the surface.

While campaigning for a U.S. Senate seat in 2014, Whitaker was asked what he would look for in confirming a judge. His response, as reported by CNSNews, demonstrated his biblical views:

"[J]udges at the federal level, especially the U.S. Supreme Court, should have 'a biblical view of justice' and a proper understanding of 'natural law and natural rights... and then the founding documents and how they fit together.' If they do, he added, 'they'll be a good judge.'
'And if they have a secular worldview, where this is all we have here on earth, then I'm going to be very concerned about how they judge you.'"

Although Whitaker, as Acting Attorney General, has no say in the confirmation process of judges, his remarks do indicate his own judicial philosophy and "biblical worldview" carried into the DOJ. Those views will most certainly ruffle the feathers of Leftists who favor a secular worldview.

+ + Challenged!

Again we see that every decision made by the Trump administration is resisted by the Left. The President's actions continually ANGER and OUTRAGE his adversaries, to say the least! And, this is only the beginning of what Democrats plan to do to the Trump agenda and his presidency once they exercise majority control in the House. We know that their stated plans include more investigations, impeachment proceedings, subpoenas, and a mischaracterization and rollback of any advancement the Trump administration has made over the past two years.

We simply cannot allow the radical Left to destroy this President.

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