Contentious Hearings Underway

Ahead of the already contentious Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings, the American Bar Association (ABA) rated Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, as "well qualified" to serve as a justice on the High Court in a unanimous decision. Ironically, Democrats often use the ABA rating as "the gold standard by which judicial candidates are judged." 

I am calling on friends of Liberty Counsel Action to join in massive numbers and barrage the halls of Congress with powerful fax messages to lawmakers over the next 48 hours. One click here and you'll have everything you need to send a pre-written or self-composed message to selected members of the Senate — Mat. 

This morning, Democrats aggressively pushed for a delay in the confirmation process due to pieces of documentation that are allegedly still outstanding.

Yet, the confirmation committee has received more records concerning Judge Kavanaugh than any other nominee in history, reportedly over 400,00 pages, including documents from his work as a White House lawyer and work for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. The committee received hundreds of thousands of additional pages of Executive Branch documents in addition to the 307 cases in which Judge Kavanaugh wrote an opinion as an appeals court judge, the hundreds more opinions he joined, and the more than 17,500 pages of material he provided in response to the committee's bipartisan questionnaire.

Taking a firm stand, Senate Judiciary Committe Chairman Chuck Grassley denied this outrageous demand. We have known from the day that President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh that the Democrats would use whatever means necessary to delay and ultimately derail President Trump's highly qualified nominee. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed to oppose Kavanaugh's appointment "with everything I've got."

I believe that we should counter Senator Schumer's anti-Kavanaugh stand and fight on behalf of Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation with everything we've got!

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+ + More accolades...

Along with the ABA's highest endorsement, Kavanaugh's former colleagues at the Kirkland & Ellis law firm sent a letter to the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee endorsing his confirmation. "We saw first-hand that he consistently displayed a keen intellect, sound judgment, exceptional analytical ability, and the highest level of integrity in representing our clients," Kavanaugh's former colleagues wrote.


Judge Kavanaugh's judicial philosophy is clear. He believes that words have meaning and that courts should interpret the law, not make it.

Liberty Counsel Action is working to help ensure the final confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. We need more justices on the High Court who understand that a judge must interpret the law, not make the law. In essence, that is Judge Kavanaugh's judicial philosophy. 

+ + The Senate confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh could shape America's legal landscape for decades.

The Judiciary Committee hearings are expected to last for several days before the confirmation process moves to the next phase.

Many Senate Democrats have declared war on Kavanaugh, not based on his impeccable qualifications, but on his perceived threat to their far-Left ideologies. For decades, they've used the Left-leaning High Court to impose their will on Americans who opposed the measures. The Court has been used by leftists as a quasi-legislative, unelected branch of the government to "create" laws. 

The Supreme Court begins its next term October 1, 2018. The administration would like to have Brett Kavanaugh seated in time for the start of the session.

One click here and you'll have everything you need to send a pre-written or self-composed message to selected members of the Senate.

Thank you for taking action today.  

God bless you,

Mat Staver, President

P.S. This is an extremely rare opportunity to shift the balance of the Supreme Court court away from decades of judicial activism and liberal-leaning rulings and return the High Court to Constitution-based law.

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