BREAKING: Christian voters are the key demographic


Here's the harsh reality of where things stand just 18 days to the critical midterms...

If the anti-Trump Left succeeds and the Trump administration is BESIEGED with an endless series of attacks, investigations and threats of impeachment, the President's pro-faith and pro-family agenda will be defeated. And Christian citizens and anyone who stands for faith and family will suffer an unprecedented wave of anti-Christian bigotry and intolerance.

And what is one of the lynchpins of the takeover plan by anti-faith, anti-family groups? SUPPRESSING THE VOICES AND VOTES OF PRO-FAITH AND PRO-FAMILY CITIZENS!

+ + Urgent Help Needed to reach Christian voters...

With just over two weeks remaining before the election, Liberty Counsel Action is accelerating our efforts to fight the voter suppression efforts of anti-faith activists while we inform and equip hundreds of thousands of Christian voters. We are reaching pastors and churches in key districts while expanding our online "get out the vote" efforts. 
I also directed our staff in the nation's capital to press Congress to investigate bullying tactics designed to silence the voices of people of faith.

But now, I need your help to accelerate our efforts right now!

With just over two weeks remaining before these critical elections -- and with pro-faith and pro-family priorities hanging by a thread -- I'm asking you to make your best possible gift to help Liberty Counsel Action get out the Christian vote and continue other vital efforts. Go here now:

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Again... if Christian voters stay home or are bullied into silence, then we should expect that the President's pro-faith and pro-family agenda will come to a shocking and sudden conclusion. Almost immediately, the drumbeat for impeachment will begin.

Remember.... it was Christian voters who played the decisive role in 2016. The anti-faith activists know this. That's why they have employed aggressive bullying tactics against Christian voters.

Liberty Counsel Action has one of the largest grassroots networks of Christian voters and churches in the nation. With your help, we can inform and equip hundreds of thousands of Christian voters before Election Day!

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. We cannot allow Christian voters to be bullied into silence. I need your help THIS WEEKEND. We must raise at least $20,000 more for this fight so we can inform and activate hundreds of thousands of Christian voters in the next two weeks. Go here to make your best gift to help rally Christian voters:

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