Anti-Trump FBI "Spy" Received Windfall

The FBI "Spygate" revelations that a highly paid FBI informant appears to have been embedded in the Trump presidential campaign is shaking D.C. once again. Was the Obama FBI spending taxpayer resources to "spy" on political opponents?

It now appears so! And if this is confirmed, we should not be surprised in the least.


After all, it was the Obama IRS that targeted and discriminated against pro-faith and pro-family groups in one of the worst abuses of power in our nation's history. Let's not forget the Obama State department that blatantly lied about what really happened in Benghazi. Or Team Obama's spying on journalists. Or the collusion between Obama and Hillary Clinton on the Clinton email server as well as the Obama FBI's apparent collusion with the Clinton campaign against candidate Trump. Add to this list the lies and deceptions used to "sell" ObamaCare to the American people.

The list goes on and on.

And it's not stopping!

+ + What Spygate proves...

But here's the point I don't want you to miss...

The nightmare season of targeted attacks on people of faith didn't end when Obama left office. In fact, in many ways these attacks are now on the increase! That's because these radical elements feel emboldened to oppose President Trump and anyone who dares to align with his pro-faith and pro-family agenda in the harshest ways possible.

This is why Liberty Counsel's family of ministries has come under direct assault from radical homosexual activist groups simply because we took a stand with the President's pro-family policies.

 In all my years of fighting these battles in courtrooms across America, I have never faced such an outrageous attack as the two subpoenas we received in recent weeks. These radical groups are trying to use the subpoena power to demand every record of every conversation or email or meeting related to the issue of their case that we have ever had with anyone in the Trump Administration!

And now the FBI Spygate allegations further create the cloud of suspicion that powerful forces are at work to destroy this President and destroy anyone who dares to support the pro-faith and pro-family agenda.

+ + How you can help me fight back...

That's why my Liberty Counsel Action team is getting ready to PUSH BACK like never before. As I noted to you a few days ago, we are on the brink of a once-in-a-lifetime BREAKTHROUGH that could greatly accelerate Liberty Counsel Action's work in our nation's capital on behalf of life, family, and liberty.

I can't share the details yet. But to get to this breakthrough point, I must break through our current budget shortfall.

Specifically, Liberty Counsel Action entered this phase of the battle facing a $20,000 shortfall that must be met by the end of the month.

I am prayerfully hoping that we can make up at least HALF that amount by the end of the weekend!

test, can I count on your help?

Will you help me FIGHT BACK IN D.C. by making a special gift to help meet our shortfall and lay the groundwork for what I believe will be a historic breakthrough of faith and family? Go here to make your gift:

If we don't meet our current budget needs, our ability to expand and grow will be threatened.

I believe we can make up this shortfall. But I need your help.

Please... prayerfully consider how you can stand with Liberty Counsel Action at this time.

God bless,

Mat Staver, President

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